industrial ventilation

Industrial Ventilation for Manufacturing Facilities & Warehousing Industries.

Ventilation Solutions brings 30+ years of experience engineering custom industrial ventilation for manufacturing facilities, including composites fabrication, and warehousing industries. We provide solutions for customers needing industrial air moving equipment, emission control, dust control, air handling and HVAC systems. Ventilation Solutions has full in house engineering, design and Auto CAD capabilities. We are familiar with EPA, NFPA and OSHA standards as they relate to our composites customer’s tough industry challenges. We often take performance specifications or project specific desired results and design complete turnkey systems for our customers.

We have extensive knowledge in solving the toughest emission and dust problems to achieve EPA compliance and meet environmental guidelines. We also routinely provide complete control system integration for our equipment, including variable frequency drives, temperature controls and interface systems. See our recent projects page to view just a few of our successful nationwide projects. Our greatest strength is in providing turnkey projects to our customers, from conception at the most basic level to the final field commissioning after installation. We pride ourselves on being the composites industry leader in Innovation, value, and service.

Ventilation Solutions’ customized industrial ventilation systems are designed for your specific needs within your industrial manufacturing facility. Our technology controls worker/employee exposure to fumes, airborne chemicals or flammable vapors by exhausting contaminated air away from the work area and replacing it with clean air.

Manufacturing plants and industrial facilities have industry and application specific requirements for process air ventilation. The need for addressing a ventilation system in a plant arises when dusts, fumes, or chemical concentrations in the air become a safety hazard. Our engineering staff will work with your facilities manager to identify specific needs, requirements, layouts and measurements. From there, Ventilation Solutions can identify the most effective customized application and provide a solution.

Before moving into the design stage of an industrial ventilation system, we assess the current manufacturing process so that we can best determine the specific type of solution that will be most effective for your unique manufacturing process. The ventilation system must accomplish the following:

  • Exchange clean air for dirty
  • Identify & isolate contaminated air
  • Remove dust, fumes, smoke, chemicals
  • Meet or exceed compliance standards

Designing a customized ventilation system for your plant requires knowledge and experience. With over 30 years of experience designing ventilation technology, we have the know-how to address your ventilation needs no matter how extreme the environment. Our engineering, design and project management staff takes every aspect of the environment into consideration when developing a solution to fit your needs. Here are just some of the things we take into consideration when developing a customized application for your facility.

  • The application process used in the manufacturing plant
  • Details of all materials used
  • Velocities required to move the material in the duct
  • Explosiveness (Kst value) of the dust
  • Impact of dynamic changes in the process or the dust collection process (surge of material, density
    of the air, etc.)
  • The type of collection needed and the media that will work best with the material

Industrial Emission Control Systems

  • VOC-Capture system and end of stack controls (Thermo oxidizers)
  • EPA method 204 permanent or temporary enclosure
  • EPA 100% capture requirement

Industrial Ventilation Code requirements

  • Mechanical & building codes
  • Exposure monitoring & sampling
  • Permits

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