Designing and building packaged grinding booths and dust collection systems takes grit, or rather requires the ability to remove a great deal of grit and fine particulate. No small feat no matter how small the particulate. You want a booth that’s designed to address virtually any combustible dust specification or requirement.

Dust Collection Systems Built the OSHA Way

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA see Subpart Z) recommends a combination of dust collection systems and air ventilation systems for dust control for workspaces where grinding is used and the hazards of dust particles can be two-fold. Small dust particles can easily be inhaled and have the ability to cause damage to worker’s lungs. Secondly, even a small layer of dust build up has the potential to combust, resulting in a dangerous explosion. It is vitally important for both the health and safety of workers to minimize the amount of dust particles in a workspace or grinding booth.

Look for metal booths and double wall construction (per the NFPA 652 code) which are designed to provide years of trouble free service. You’ll want the option of standard or explosion proof electric heating, misting or evaporative cooling systems. Find a company who can specialize in using quality dust filters and air moving equipment. 100% recirculated air should draw through a filter bank to provide a clean work zone as well as heating or cooling if required.

Different Levels and Types of Air Filtration

Booth Ceiling Install in Progress

Booth Ceiling Install

Fully explosion proof units suitable for Class-I, Division 1 & 2, Group D environments are available, but you may be looking for a basic reliable filtered fan pack. Another option available are suspended ceilings which are used to minimize the overall ventilated area.

Dust Collection and Containment System

  • Grinding and trim areas, rooms or booths
  • Large and small
  • Complete booth construction
  • Dust exposure eliminations 10-15mg/m3
  • Meet OSHA standards on exposure (see Subpart Z)
  • Robotic application

Misting System (Added Value)

  • Help reduce dust levels
  • Cooling value during summer

Woodworking & Particulate Dust Collection System

Wood Dust Collection Ventilation Application

Wood Dust Collection

  • Complete design; all types dust collection systems and piping collection systems
  • Robotic application
  • Capture hoods
  • Housekeeping
  • CNC routers
  • Zipper duct system (for large CNC table system)
  • Rotary air locks
  • Air return systems – safety filter/dust monitoring (save replacement air)
  • NFPA compliant

High Production Dust Collection and Containment Systems

Ventilation Solutions, located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, has over 30 years of experience designing Dust Collection Systems and Grinding Booths for manufacturing facilities. We have the expertise to address your custom ventilation system needs no matter the specification or requirement. Our engineering, design and project management staff takes every aspect of the environment into consideration when developing industrial ventilation solutions with single source turnkey services to fit your specific needs. To learn more contact us today!