gelcoat & spray booths

Custom Ventilation Systems for Industrial Gelcoat & Spray Booths

Our experienced team specializes in designing and engineering ventilation systems for industrial gelcoat and spray booths used in a multitude of manufacturing applications. Our state-of-the-art ventilation solutions are developed to ensure your operation meets NFPA, EPA, and OSHA requirements and regulations for applications that are performed in an enclosed or confined environment that contain any flammable or combustible spraying operation that confines and limits the escape of paint, vapor, or residue.

Spray booth and finishing environment sizes can range from small compact enclosures, to large booths with self-contained spray booth exhaust units, curing systems, and replacement air/heat systems. Ventilation Solutions can custom design and manufacture a ventilation or exhaust system to meet your specific spray booth or finishing environment needs. We have extensive experience developing industrial spray booth ventilation systems and exhaust units for:

  • Large Paint Spray Booths and Buildings from 30’ to 60′ plus
  • Small Paint Spray Booths from 8’ to 25′
  • Automotive Prep-Stations
  • Aircraft Paint Booths
  • Truck Spray Booths
  • Open Face Gel Booths
  • Large Equipment Paint Booths
  • Mix Storage Rooms

Maintaining a fresh air supply in work areas is essential for keeping workers healthy. If employees are exposed to amounts of contaminated air that exceed the levels permitted by US laws and regulations, companies are required to take immediate steps to resolve the issues. One of those areas where contamination can be too high are spray painting areas or spray booths.

Exhausting the air is only half the problem. When you exhaust the bad air, you have to supply fresh replacement air. If you exhaust more air than you replace, you will cause the area to be under a negative pressure, which is also unhealthy for workers over a prolonged period. Fresh air supply, or make-up air, is generally created with an air make-up system that includes a fan or blower, filters, shutters and dampers, and heating or cooling coils, or both.

Spray booths vary widely and serve to provide for the manufacturing of multiple products. Ventilation Solutions can develop a custom ventilation application that is uniquely tailored to your specific spray booth exhaust needs.

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